Family Forensic and Consultation Services​

Beacon's mission is to assist families at all stages of the separation and divorce process to work through conflicts with civility, dignity and mutual respect and reach resolution in the best interests of their children.

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Guiding you through the process of change

  • Pre-divorce Consultation - assists individuals and couples who are deciding whether or not to pursue divorce.  We provide individual and couples' consultation, offer information about different divorce paths available and how best to meet their family's needs, and suggest referrals to other professionals.
  • The PEACE Program — Parents Equally Allied to Co-parent Effectively (PEACE) is Beacon's signature divorce program.  It was designed to facilitate cooperative co-parenting between parents who are engaged in high conflict separations and divorces. The goal of the program is to teach parents to jointly make decisions and interact in the best interests of their children. Parents meet together with an expert parent counselor to work on their unique situation and build healthy interaction patterns. We work closely with the attorneys for the parents and children.
  • Co-parent counseling — teaches both parents how to adjust through the transition and helps parents and families recover from divorce. It will also help both parties communicate their post-divorce expectations effectively and civilly, and find support groups and organizations for children or parents who have gone through or are going through the divorce process.
  • Divorce support groups — bring together people facing similar issues, such as divorce. Support groups can enhance positive coping and decrease feelings of isolation through making connections with others facing similar challenges.
  • Collaborative Divorce  a process led by a fully trained interdisciplinary team (attorneys, mental health professional, financial professional) that works to resolve differences and design solutions in the best interests of all family members without going to court.  Learn more about Collaborative Divorce here.
  • Parenting Plan/Custody Consultation — helps parents build and modify their parenting plan, deal with their children's reactions, learn the skills needed for good communication and co-parenting, and prevent the potentially devastating effects of conflict.
  • Co-Parenting education — helps parents foster a cooperative and collaborative relationship.
  • Individual psychotherapy for all ages —  provides support and guidance to children, teens and adults to help cope with divorce.